Tokio Hotel Automatic

27. listopadu 2010 v 22:30 | Katie |  Texty piesní

So automatic
You're like a machine
Your heart beats no more for me

So automatic
Touching Me
His hands
Feel everything, but not you

So automatic
his voice - electric
Where were you when she speaks?

So automatic
As you say, I'm important to you
who programmed you?

If you laugh
You do not laugh
If you cry
Do you weep not
If you feel
You feel nothing
Because you're without love

How so automatically
I race through all the streets
And do not lead to you

How so automatically
Follow me your shadow
And use cold for me

You're like
Static and
To automatically

Your look so empty
I can no longer
Everything to you
As rehearsed
You stand before me

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